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Alright my peeps I’ve been on hiatus for a bit working on some side projects called…

Angela Goes To Mexico and Angela Finishes Her Book and Angela Does Kids Yoga! BAM!

The sun was grand (ouch) the waves were cool (ahhhh) and the kids were angels for most of the time. I would do it again in a second and I hope to do so next year as well. I can’t explain the feeling that came over me while I was watching the kids playing in the sand, relaxing with my oldest and best friend in the world. There’s nothing like reconnecting with friends who have known you since you were a kid – they remember the magic times, the amazing, full of potential and possibility times. They remember the ‘you’ you were before. Before husbands, before kids, before jobs and careers. The ‘you’ that may have gotten a little buried alive under all the layers of life. But she popped out in Mexico. She waved her arms around ecstatically and shouted, ‘I’M STILL HERE!’

And so, to my book. Some people refer to their books as their babies. Mine is a rebellious teenager but I love her anyway. I wrote the book about elves and handsome assassins chasing Maya, the Queen of Voldaria, about nine years ago. I’ve been polishing it ever since. I send it out, it gets rejected, I polish, I change, I re-work, and I re-send. I’ve been doing this for about ten years. Maybe most people would give up? I refuse. She’s a good book and she deserves to be read by the next generation of girls who are expecting to get to know a kick-ass heroine who saves the world.

Recently I found an editor I really like, Joan Dempsey, ( and she’s right now taking one final look over the book from end to end. Once we’re done working it over I am going to send it out again, but this time, I gotta admit, I’m feeling lucky.

Meanwhile my Kids Yoga class is switching to Sundays at 11am at Yoga Pod – Woodlands Parkway- starting next Sunday. The age ranges so far have been Ellie’s age (four) to ten years old. It’s a lot of fun and at the same time mom (or dad) can go to the PodFlow class with Mary-Catherine (only my favorite yoga teacher in Texas!)

This summer I’m going to work on my book and focus on getting that out of my head and into real life, and into YOUR hands, ha ha ha ha ha. Yes. You. I’m talking to you.

That’s it for now folks, thank you for taking the time to read me, and stay tuned two weeks from now for the next installment of ‘The Return Of the Blog’ – but with video and more cool pics, yah? As per the other Queen I love, Beyonce, ‘I’m gonna upgrade ya…’

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