A PHOENIX RISES self published by Austin Macauley Publishers, LLC – expected release date:
January 2021. (Cover art pending)

About Me

East coast Canadian native A.D Yeh received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and literature from Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB, Canada.

She is a staunch advocate for writers and literacy/learning with her online writing community at DIYMFA.com. She also teaches a love of creative gardening to pre-k kids in her physical community. She writes a regular column about how poetry can change the world. (https://diymfa.com/reading/poetry-can-change-the-world)

She lives with her husband, two lovely human children, and two cranky fur babies near Houston, Texas. You can check her out on Insta – @thatpluckygirl – or her website, http://www.thepluckycanadian.com

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