April is National Poetry Month Y’all!

 So April is national poetry month! To celebrate I’ve written two new poems about my two favorite people:

She’s so wise
A shy wonder
Her perceptivity a marvel
Her resiliency surprising
Bouncy brown curls
An open grin
A flash of small white teeth, laughing with me now
Arms shaking
Eyes narrowed
Taking what she wants
Curled in close
Holds my leg with her delicate, perfect
I hold her tight, too.
Dragons on the floor (ouch)
Hand soap in an out-of-reach cabinet (right?)
A closed bedtime door (is it still closed?)
He’s an adorable maniac
A generous, giving soul
Bundle of energy
Chaos incarnate
Does this
Etched glass shatter when I push it
From the kitchen table?
His laughter
Peals around him
Like a halo
See? It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare or Maya Angelou or even Robert Frost or Nikita Gill. It just has to make you feel. And it can be about anything. I wrote about my kids because as a parent of young children I am boring and obsessive about them.
Anyway – April is also Donate Life awareness month and distracting driving awareness month. So if you’re driving distracted make sure you sign to be an organ donor – someone should be benefiting from your mistakes.
That’s it, it’s a short one this time – if you’re in the Woodlands, I’ll see your kids at my kids yoga class tomorrow at Yoga Pod at 11am! If you’re in Canada – I hope the snow melts again soon. If you’re in the Woodlands, enjoy mowing the lawn! I know Benji sure enjoys it.

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