Some Craziness Required

I was recently in the company of some amazing women.  Women who have packed up their children and followed their husbands thousands of miles away from everything they’ve ever known.  Most of these women are working full-time here as well, who have sacrificed more than the close proximity of their friends and family, they’ve sacrificedContinue reading “Some Craziness Required”

FORMULA VS BREASTFEEDING – Mom, you’re on stand-by

So after I decided now was the time to start weening, Ellie refused to drink anything from a bottle for the next three days.  What the what!?  Arg. Then I watched a documentary on breastfeeding.  According to some reliable looking experts, my fear that I wouldn’t make enough milk was a cultural one not entirelyContinue reading “FORMULA VS BREASTFEEDING – Mom, you’re on stand-by”

Mostly Muddling Mommie Part Deux

I have no idea what I’m doing.  Really.  No clue.  I can’t believe they just let us walk out of the hospital with this delicate, LIVING HUMAN BEING.  What is wrong with those people!?  I’m still breastfeeding at almost eight months.  People think I’m doing it for her future health (well yes) and to keepContinue reading “Mostly Muddling Mommie Part Deux”