The Gift Of Nowhere To Go

Hiya my friends – look – I don’t know if anyone other than mom and some uncles and aunts back home read this but, in case you’re out there too, I wanna talk about butterflies.
Just kidding, I want to talk about what we’re all going to do now that our lives have been disrupted by Corona.
Listen. Do. Not. Panic. Freak out, okay. Cry on the phone to your mom, cool. But panic? No. We do not panic here in this blog.
All of these closures are scary – it’s unprecedented, so, yes, scary.
But let me tell you why I am relieved.
I am relieved because the people in the position to make wise, intelligent decisions…are making them.
This social distancing will slow the spread of the virus and hopefully allow our medical infrastructure (ie the physical stuff like enough beds and ventilators to the nurses and doctors available and healthy enough to work them) are not overloaded. They will be able to handle the cases they do get and we will all be better off. I don’t want one ventilator and two aunts with breathing problems to choose from, you know?
So, now is the time to stay home (but not stuck inside) and rest. Bake. Weed the garden. Dance. Meditate. Do art. Heal. Pray. Learn how to make soap with the kids. Catch up on laundry. Do some online classes.
Seriously you guys I have not been caught up on laundry since…well since I had kids let me be honest.
Let’s take this historically unique opportunity in time to put away the panic (it will be there if you need it, trust me) and take your coffee on the patio. The news can wait until you’re awake, you know?
Listen to the birds. Sip it slow. Revel in the new dawn because there are things you can count on – like the sun rising and setting, like your kids being bored after two minutes, like that we humans are resourceful and wicked smart, and we can take this time to do things we don’t usually get to do.
This can be a time of transformation, of taking stock of the important things, of staying in our pajamas for days on end. This isn’t all terrible people, really.
Not to get all Martin Luther King on you but, if there’s one thing this can teach us, it’s that we are all connected. ‘Tied in a single garment of destiny.’
From Wuhan, China to Moncton, NB, from Italy to Texas to Vancouver to Iran, we share our future together, all of us, and although we are social distancing we are never alone. We are important parts of this grand ocean called humanity and our actions although they seem small to us, have global consequences.
When the danger has passed we will grieve our losses and go back into the world and help each other heal. So stay strong my friends, and enjoy this strange stepping-off from regular life.
Cuddle your kids. Write a poem. Wash the dog. Now is the time to clean your closet, heck, everyone’s closet.
And for God’s sake leave the toilet paper alone. We’re going to have enough, I promise. In fact, stop buying it and start investing in the toilet paper companies – their stocks are doing just fine.
Oh, and here’s some practical stuff – links to youtube workouts I like, etc.
Pamela Reif – I love her so much – she doesn’t start the video chatting etc and wasting my time and each segment is 30 seconds and she has a timer counting down which appeals to the lazy in me. Also I like the music. Anyway she’s got tons of awesome (short) work-outs for everyone from beginner to 20-mins AB work-outs for those of us who are already ripped. (I know, I literally don’t know anyone with abs anymore but apparently they’re out there)
Pamela Reif – 20 minute full body work-out – Beginner Edition
Here is a Kundalini one I like – great for older people or if you’ve got injuries or if you just want a nice relaxing 20 min mat-work-out.
Short and Sweet Kriya to Get Your Energy Moving by Kristen MacPherson
That’s it – that should get you started – thanks for reading and don’t forget to pet your dog. Or cat. It reduces blood pressure, eh? Maybe don’t try to pet the fish I don’t think that will lower anything but your goldfishes’ opinion of you.
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