Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…or at least a red Lexus in green Texas am I right!?

You guys, it’s the CHRISTMAS season! You know what that means! Hallmark movies in my pj’s while I sip cocoa and a fire crackles merrily in the fireplace and the tree sparkles with magic and Santa is gathering my favorite things!

You know, like a cherry-red Lexus, and diamond earrings, and that yoga trip to Hawaii I’ve been wanting. I’ve been a good girl all year Santa, come on!

Maybe things have changed a little since I was a kid, but I barely feel the years when I’m trimming the tree and baking apple pies and melting moments, listening to Ashanti’s Christmas, then Michael Buble’s Christmas, then Martina McBride’s Christmas.

BUT….this isn’t a blog entry about the real meaning of Christmas or the stress that comes from trying to pick the perfect gift for everyone from your mom to the kids soccer coach.

This…is a VACATION from real life.


I just finished the final tweaks on my fantasy manuscript and let me tell you…actually I’m pretty sure I remember finishing ‘final tweaks’ for the last three Christmas’ at least. Alright, alright, in all honesty, the last ten Christmas’. BUT, the eleventh year is the charm, isn’t that what they say? Yes, I believe it is.

Anyway I’m so jazzed up from writing about magic and elves and dreams coming true and crazy but beautiful villains that I’m going to just stay there in that warm and cozy place for a bit longer okay?


So this year we’re staying in Texas for Christmas which means I get to roll down the windows on my new Lexus while wearing a rhinestone A&M T-shirt and sporting my sparkly diamond earrings on the way to the Woodlands Mall to pick out my new bikini to wear in Hawaii!

Okay just kidding – I’ve worn a bikini exactly once and that was on a trip to Mexico with Sarah and I was twenty…four? I’m not saying that was a loooong time ago because…this is my fantasy blog post vacationing from real life but lets just say…I need a new bikini. I’m not saying a BIGGER bikini, for afore-mentioned reasons.

Anyhoo…there’s lots of sad and serious things happening in the world, some I can do something about and a fair amount I can’t so…thanks for sharing in my fantasy blog-post, and don’t let the muggles get ya down, eh!?

After all, dreams can’t come true if you’re not dreaming them, and Christmas is MAGIC people, MAGIC…so now’s the time.

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