Turning Your Face To The Sun

I love life. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it amazing and wonderful? Isn’t it surprising and delightful? Isn’t it full of miracles big and small?
Helen Keller said ‘Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows’. And that lady knew a thing or two about shadows. She’s also one of the brightest lights in our Western history.
I decided a long time ago, while in the middle of the biggest, meanest shadow, disease and death; that I was going to turn my face to the sun. No matter what the outcome had been, that was the right choice. If I had two months or two hundred years to live, that is the only way to truly live the way we were supposed to live.
I also learned along the way to prepare for the worst, hope for the best. I prepare quickly, than I don’t look back. I LIVE in the hope. I breathe, eat, drink, and sleep in the hope. We’re not supposed to wallow in the shadows. We’re not supposed to grimly ‘mush-on’ through the pain to get to some sweet future destination.
The journey IS the destination. Look around you now, right now for joy. Start listing all the miracles big and small in your life and once you start it’s hard to stop.
If you can’t find joy look for grateful. If you can’t find grateful look for satisfaction. If you can’t find satisfaction look for solace. If you can’t find solace, look for hope. If you can’t find hope, look to anger. Yeah, I know that sounds counterintuitive.
But when you’re down so low you feel helpless, powerless, and depressed, than anger is a good first step out of the pit. Anger puts the power back in your hands. Anger gets you off your butt and gets you moving. Hopefully not toward anything homicidal…then reach for the next best feeling. And the next.
I’ve found comfort in nature, in the sound of wind chimes and bird songs. In working with deep earth, and warm bread dough. Sometimes, just the thought there’s a God out there who loves me and wants the best for me is what I reach for.
We were created out of a hope so piercing it stitched us from out of time into physical bodies. We were made for joy. We were made for creating and playing and communing with God, with our deepest spiritual natures, and with the frivolous world. We were made for fun. I know we were. We were made to find the humor in our circumstances.
We were made to trust that we are always going to be okay no matter what. That if we turn our faces to the warmth of the sun all we will see will be kissed in sunshine and the dazzling light and energy of hope.
And the shadows we can’t see will have to fade away.
Anyway, much love from me to you, whoever you are, wherever you are in your journey. Turn to the sun; ignore the people trying to point out the shadows. We don’t live there and we don’t see them.

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