Bringing Big-Picture Love to Small-Picture Life

My kids go to a mommy’s day out program twice a week (when they’re not contagious). So like once a month, I pile us into the van and I drop them at this place that loves kids, everyone’s kids, and takes such good care of them and it feels wonderful and relaxing. Then I eitherContinue reading “Bringing Big-Picture Love to Small-Picture Life”

Turning Your Face To The Sun

I love life. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it amazing and wonderful? Isn’t it surprising and delightful? Isn’t it full of miracles big and small? Helen Keller said ‘Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows’. And that lady knew a thing or two about shadows. She’s also one of theContinue reading “Turning Your Face To The Sun”

A Renewed Vigor for Health. Or, Ange, the Almost Saint

Quickly – I just want to say…nothing against the Rams but it should be the Saints tonight – having said that, may the best team win! Alright, I did miss last weeks blog. For the first time in almost four years of blogging weekly! Wow I’m nerdier than I thought. Anyhoo – last weekend allContinue reading “A Renewed Vigor for Health. Or, Ange, the Almost Saint”