Saints Super-Bowl Hopes and Potty, Potty, Potty

It’s January twentieth and I can see green grass. I live in Conroe, Texas, and my garden awaits my future attempts – fertile, expecting, hoping. I am healthy, expecting, and hoping.
Not like, actually expecting, like I’m pregnant, which I am NOT, thank you. But expecting good things.
Having said all that, you need to know that we’ve buckled down to potty train Benji. He turned two in November. My grammie McAffee, Evelyn, who raised ten kids, said two was the exact right age to start potty training.
Mom felt the same way – we figure, woman has ten kids – she knows what’s she talking about. Plus I’m sure she didn’t have Paw Patrol stickers and teddy bear Gummies and M&M’s and all the other incentives we have. She was probably like…”I’ve got a cow to milk and seven other kids to feed and get dressed and cook for. Pee. Now.” And they did?
They must have because every one of them goes to potty like every other adult I know. Right, dad?
It reminds me how crazy making this whole ‘baby-rearing’ thing can get. It reminds me that its all going to be okay. Even crazy people go to potty when they need to.

It’s. All. Going. To. Be. Okay.
That is the motto to my life. Because my life has never unfolded ‘naturally’ or in a straight line, or even in a way that makes any kind of sense to anyone watching it.
But it’s been my life, and my mistakes, and my victories, and I judge my life against the progress I’ve made inside. Am I wiser? Am I stronger? Am I kinder? Then those things that, from the outside, may seem like failures, were spectacular opportunities for me to get real, to put pride aside and to get authentic about what I need and what I want out of this one, wild and precious life I have.
And so tonight I am feeling grateful for all I have. For my miraculous life, for my two miracles Benji and Ellie, and of course, for the Saints winning against the Rams tonight. They haven’t yet. It’s 23-23 Saints but one minute and forty-one seconds left. So, so much time to win.
So, feeling optimistic and grateful I am going to say THANK YOU, to the Universe for letting the Saints win, 26 to 23. And then for them to win the SuperBowl because, ‘Who Dat Nation, y’all!’
Also, wish me luck. Potty training may be inevitable but it isn’t easy. #laundrydemands, #hanginginthebathroomfortwoweeks, #lotsofCarsunderwear, #M&M’sforall.

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