Angela’s Top Ten At Ten:
I don’t stay up late often. Mostly because I really, really love to sleep, also because kids under four…do not. But here I am, up late at night on the day I wanted to get this blog done because Benji would not nap today and Bill has abandoned me for sunnier pastures. (Or going back to work so he doesn’t lose his job, whatever).
So. Everyone buckled? This is the premiere episode of Angela’s Top Ten at Ten. (Pm.)
1)   Stop eating chocolate balls at 7pm.
2)   Stop eating mom’s super awesome coconut covered chocolate balls at 8pm
3)   Stay up late to visit with family and have a great time. I blame the chocolate-ball sugar-buzz.
4)   For real, absolutely no more chocolate balls after 9pm.
5)   Cookies are okay.
6)   Be grateful you have a wonderful family who bakes cookies and chocolate balls and buys you apple pie. And who tolerates you enough to want to spend some time with you too, eating afore mentioned sweets.
7)   Thank everyone around you for their patience while your two year old hurricanes his way around the room, head butting the dog, tripping over your families feet and falling out of chairs, off of benches, down couches, and for some reason rolling around from one end of the room to the other yelling ‘ROLLING!!’
8)   Check your eyes for ‘crazy-glint’ while you’re taking your four year old to go potty.
9)   Realize ‘crazy-glint’ is there but assume everyone’s attention is stuck on the black circles under your bloodshot eyes and don’t notice.
10)                  Put the kids to bed, crack open your laptop and write something. Anything. Because it’s fun. Because it’s the perfect way to end a beautiful day spent connecting to the foods (okay and people) you love.

This year was an adventure. I’ve been blessed in so many big and small ways and I appreciate them all. I cannot wait to see what amazing things are on their way right now. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and stay safe ya hear?

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