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  1. There is no perfect gift. Let it go. 
  2. It really is the thought that matters
  3. The busier the day, the more important the quick early-morning meditation/prayer time
  4. Slow. Down. There really is enough time in the day
  5. Santa isn’t real. (I’m so, so sorry)
  6. You did forget to send that Christmas card
  7. It’s okay you forgot to send that Christmas card, they probably didn’t notice
  8. Chocolate is a temporary fix for stress, so is wine
  9. Chocolate and wine go together really well
  10. Finding your own Christmas happy will make other people happy too


  1. Bake cookies with your kids
  2. Frost cookies with your kids
  3. If you don’t have kids, bake doggie-cookies for your dogs while listening to Charlie Brown Christmas
  4. If you don’t have dogs, bake kitty-cookies for your kitties while listening to Charlie Brown Christmas
  5. If you don’t have doggies or kitties or kids…repot your plant and sing jingle bells
  6. If you don’t have kitties or doggies or plants…you’re a mystery to me but Christmas loves you anyway
  7. Get a massage
  8. Get a fancy holiday manicure
  9. Donate money to someone who needs it more than you (and I don’t care how much you make, there is always someone who needs it more)
  10. Sniff a pine tree

I’ll be traveling next Sunday back home to the frigid North for the holiday (yes I will be dressed in four layers of clothing and yes, yes I will still be cold). Christmas is on a Tuesday so expect a brilliant, well thought-out, probably melancholy, definitely joyful, really short, maybe too long, blog entry that will make you think, will whisk you away to a fantasy world of awesomeness, make you feel, make you forget to feel because you’re laughing too hard, and most importantly, fill you with the warm knowledge that everything will be okay. Or it will be dark and morose and lovely.

In short, MERRY ALMOST CHRISTMAS Y’ALL! ALL Y’ALL! Yes, even you Sebastian. Even you Manny. Even you Nancy. Love you all and I wish you all a very, very merry Christmas.

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