My Loud, Messy Life

My life is loud.  It’s really, really loud.  It’s also messy.  It’s really, really messy.  I DO like a clean, quiet house.  But I’d rather have messy and loud if I have the either/or choice.  Some women have both a loud, fun, messy, chaotic, CLEAN house.

And some women don’t.

That’s all I need to say about that.

My priorities are:

The health and safety of Ellie and Ben.
That the ‘fun’ force be strong in them.
Rest for me when I can get it.  I want the ‘fun’ force strong in me, too.
Making coffee/tea when I get the chance, to bolster the above mentioned ‘fun’ force.
Watching a movie with Ellie when she wants to.
Groceries, meal-prep.  Texting Bill to tell him we’re ordering pizza again tonight for dinner.
Bills paid.
Do their clothes still fit?  No.  Of course not.  It’s been two days since the last round of clothes to fit their stretching toes.  Buy new clothes.
Feed/play with Toby.
Pick up Toby’s poo so the kids don’t step in it.  (Ok, lets be honest, so Ben doesn’t try to EAT it.  Yes, yes he will.)
Driving Ellie to and from her mommy’s day out program and to/from whatever activity she’s involved in this season.
Writing my blog.
Working on a short story.
Editing my book.
Weeding/clearing/watering/planting/pruning garden and flower beds.
Taking the kids outside to play.
Cleaning the house.

As you can see, cleaning the house is waaaaaay down on my list of priorities.  Wait, is that why no one has wanted to come visit me lately?  Is that why my parents told me to go play outside while they washed my windows for me?  

Dad: Those spots are driving me nuts!
ME:  What spots?
Dad:  Find me a bucket and some vinegar then go play outside ok?  You’re driving your mother nuts.

In any case, my new year’s resolution this year is to fake being more ‘together’.  I look around me at all the other girls my age and they’re like…throwing pinterest parties in their beautifully decorated (and CLEAN) homes and cooking Swedish Almond cookies and wearing tasteful ‘grown-up’ clothes and their nails are done.

Cut to me.  

Stepping over toys and piles of what is hopefully food THROWN and not thrown-UP, in my frayed black yoga pants I’d had since prehistoric animals roamed the earth with my straggly brown hair in a ponytail (that is also fraying) and chatting with the pizza guy since by now we’re on a first name basis and no one else will talk to me during the day because they’re busy working, or being wonderful and perfect.


Anyhoo.  So I’m going to work on being more awesome this year.  More put-together.  I pledge to add food to my Pinterest instead of just quotes and gardening tips.  I pledge to attempt to organize my day, my week, my month, but maybe just start with my day.  

I think wandering around in an unorganized fog of sleepiness and navigating tantrums and attempted sibling homicide at random isn’t really working well for me anymore. 

So I read a list of how to fake being more ‘put-together’ on Pinterest.  Predictably I didn’t save it and now I can’t find it.  But I think it was, just organizing your day each day will help.  Get up an hour early to get things done (Ok my day usually starts at 5am, ain’t nobody getting up at 4am to start the laundry).

Doing your nails, even if it’s just a buff and clear polish says a lot and doesn’t take long.  Having a signature style so you don’t have to think about it when you get dressed or shop.  (Ok that one’s weird.  And unfortunately for me, my ‘style’ is a sporty 8 year old boy).

I digress.  I can organize my day.  I can throw some polish on while Ben sleeps.  I can find jeans that fit and sweaters without stains and holes at reasonable prices.

Look out 2018…I am just going to BEDAZZLE you!

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