Perfect Moments and Why I’m Adding Bee Spit to my Green Tea

So what happened this week?  Everyone in my house has the plague but ME!  So exciting.  I mean, not that everyone is sick that sucks.  But they’ve both had their flu shots, Benji is still nursing and Ellie is already on the mend.

And I’m not sick!!  Wiping noses, cleaning snotty fingers, closing my eyes against volcanic eruption-sized sneezes that fly out of their noses totally unchecked.  (Cover your mouth Ellie!  At least not right in my EYES Benji!).  

What can you do?

The only thing I’m doing different is adding a few drops of propolis to my tea in the morning.  That’s Bee Pollen.  Sort of.  Its like a mixture of tree sap and bee spit.  Yummy.  They use it help coat their hives.  

Why am I adding Bee spit to my tea you may ask? They’ve got compounds in them called flavonoids – the same things that are supposed to work with antioxidants in green tea, fruits and vegetables and red wine.  

Even the most skeptical scientific studies have shown that it provides protection from ‘some’ bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Makes sense right?  It’s what they use the keep the hive healthy too.  Anyway like everything weird I stumble on that ‘may’ help, once it passes my ‘nope can’t hurt even if it doesn’t help’ criteria, I add it and see.

Since I have never, ever, not once NOT gotten sick when Ellie got sick in her three years of existence, I think this is pretty monumental.  I’ve been taking it since the end of August and we’ve all been sick at least twice, this is the kids third cold since then.  Seems like a lot doesn’t it?  I basically have nasal sprays and humidifiers and jars of baby Vic’s out from September to November.

Anyway, like most ‘natural’ remedies they’re best taken as preventative and long term.  They need time to build up in the system to be effective.  Will I be adding Bee spit to my tea forever?  I don’t know.  But for now there doesn’t seem to be a down side and I have to say I am quite enjoying this good health!

Full disclosure, I am getting more sleep now than before.  Benji is finally, FINALLY sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches more nights than not.  Thank you, thank you Benji!  So it may be a combination of both.  I can’t over state the benefits of a good night sleep.  It is better than chocolate, better than…well, it’s just better when you can sleep at night.

Anyway, that’s all the new news this week.  That and we got our family pictures done – thank you Jennifer Robertson!  (Free plug for Jenn!)  Like any good photographer she captured us at our best, and now we’ve got this beautiful, perfect moment frozen in time.  It reminds me how lucky we are to be together, to be healthy and safe.  

These pictures are something we will have forever, even when the kids are off saving the world (or causing a ruckus) and we’re left with nothing to do but remember the ‘good old days’ and plan our next RV trip to the Grand Canyon.  (Or camping trip back home in PEI)

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” Ansel Adams

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