What’s On the Radar, What’s In My Rearview

Welcome to a new segment I like to call, What’s On My Radar, What’s In My Rearview:

What’s In My Rearview:


Baby is three months and tricked me with some decent sleep last week.  This week has been party time at night time.  It’s all baby, all the time.  

What’s On My Radar:

Cocaine.  And Sugar.  

While I’ve feeding at all hours (and mopping up spit-up from the floor at 3am), I’ve been watching those food documentaries on Netflix again.

I think the last one was ‘Hungry for Change’.  It showed an MRI readout of two brains side by side.  One brain was on cocaine and one was eating a chocolate bar.  The exact same areas of the brain were lit up, and I thought, yep.  That feels about right.  

Why is there no rehab for sugar!?  

If there were I would go.  It isn’t that I add mounds of sugar to my cereal, so much it touches the bottom of the bowl and then peeks through the layer of milk (Ah to be 8 again…)  It’s the white bread, the loads of ketchup, the chips, the ice cream, the pancakes so full of maple syrup I have to eat it with a straw.  (Ahhh, maple syrup with pancakes…)

According to every nutritionist on these documentaries, a whole foods, plant based diet is best.  Maybe not totally vegetarian but, 93-97% vegetarian for most of the time, for most people.  I think I can aim for that.  Even here in BBQ country, where BBQ is a sport and meat is the, well, the MEAT of the meals.  Heh heh.

As for sugar…there are small ways I can reduce my intake that shouldn’t throw me completely into starvation mode.  Like, choosing whole wheat over white bread most of the time.  And maybe I don’t need to eat ice cream EVERY day.  And maybe when I do eat ice cream, I don’t need to cover it all in warm, thick chocolate syrup.  And chocolate chips.  And whip cream.  And sprinkled with icing sugar…oh yuuuuummmmm.

And maybe when the urge to eat that treat is ALMOST so overpowering I need to stop writing so I can eat it RIGHT NOW, I can try to do one more thing before I eat it.  A delaying tactic.  Because sometimes, not all the time but sometimes…that delaying tactic will put me on pause long enough to get a hold of myself already and choose a healthier option.

I hope everyone out there is eating healthy too, because I want you all around a long time, and not just ‘around’ but HEALTHY and vibrant and fun to BE around.  Yeah?

In the words of my favorite rapper turned actor:

Sometimes you’ve just got to grab an apple – or grapes, or strawberries. Something that’s healthy but maybe a little bit more adventurous, if you can see fruit as adventurous.
LL Cool J

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