My 600LB Life

What’s life like with an almost three year old and a 10 week old?  Well I’m sleeping at night again in chunks of time so that’s good.  I’m getting chunky sleep.  I don’t feel so much pressure to try to rest while Ellie naps and so now Ben naps too, usually for at least 45 minutes in the afternoon.  

So what does a fun loving, getting good chunky-sleep woman do?  You guessed it.  

I EAT!  As soon as she goes down for a nap I eat all the foods I don’t wanna share.  Like ice cream.  And chocolate.  And chips.  And apple pie with ice cream.  Then chips.  

I may have a problem.  I’m powerless against that common family destroying addiction…sugar.  I do NOT wonder why I haven’t lost more baby-weight.  Nope.  Not a mystery.  I’m not working out and from 1-3pm every day I eat like a woman who’s never seen herself in a mirror.  (I feel GREAT!  Pass me the chocolate chips.  No no, the BAG.  Thank you.)

Anyhoo, Ellie starts her ‘Mommy’s day out’ Monday and I’m really nervous.  Not so nervous I’m not still eating like a woman who wants to be the next star of ‘My 600LB life’ but..nervous.  

These last few days have been particularly rough – Ben must be going through a growth spurt so he’s eating every two hours on the dot and sleeping a lot.  But not by himself, no no.  He needs me to carry him around ALL DAY.  Just like she did.  Except then I didn’t have, well, her to worry about too.  She’s been feeling a little left out.  

Yesterday she threw down a ceramic bowl during a tantrum and broke it.  She was lucky it didn’t hit her foot or cut either of us.  So we had a time out and a nice long chat (Well, long for a two year old…2 minutes) about how to handle our behavior when we get really frustrated.  We had the discussion again one more time when Bill got home and while I finishing the discussion about not throwing things when we’re frustrated, Bill was in the bathroom chucking Ben’s little bath into the bathtub because he was annoyed it was still sitting in the shower where I left it last night.  

ME: “So Ellie, we don’t throw things when we’re mad.  We need to find better ways to…” (CLATTER, clatter, clatter, clatter, BANG).
ELLIE:  No words but a look that says…But Daddy does…
ME:  No words but a look that says….Mommy’s gonna throw DADDY on the floor.

So Bill and I had a discussion about not throwing things when we’re frustrated…and I gave him a wifely time-out for good measure.  (Silent treatment during supper).  Which I’m sure after a long day a work he was totally bummed about. 

Anyhoo…we’ve all been sick, again.  Worst cold and flu season ever.  Even the dog was sneezing.  Even the spider in the top corner of the kitchen was coughing.  I heard him last night.  Cough.  Cough.

We’re all on antibiotics.  (Well, not Bill.  And not the spider.  I’m not crazy…)

If this latest round of antibiotics doesn’t clear things up I don’t know what I’ll do.  Start researching herbal medicine…except I’m nursing and there hasn’t been much testing approved by the FDA on herbs and breastfeeding.  Anyone know a good witch doctor? 

Lastly – to Trump’s ban on refugees (And legal green card holders) from 7 mostly Muslim countries I say…my two year old could teach you about how to be a good citizen, a decent Christian, and a good American.  You, sir, are none of these.  

You make me want to make signs and go out into the cold and pound pavement with other passionate, possibly crazy, maybe violent people I don’t know and scream my bloody head off in protest.  So, thanks for that.  Like I don’t have enough crazy on my plate already.

“I’ve had to learn that my voice has value.  And if you don’t use it, what’s the point of being in the room?”  Michelle (LOVE this lady) Obama.

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