Christmas Hallucinations

The calm of early morning.  The sun isn’t up yet with it’s bright, loud rays.  Both babies are sleeping.  

Suddenly the sound of tooting fills the air.  There’s nothing like the beautiful sounds of a baby pooping noisily in his diaper to make you want to jump up and dive into the day.  Like the sounds of some strange morning bird welcoming you into the morning.

So that was my entry into today.  Not so bad as far as wake-up’s go.  A gentle reminder that I’m needed…if only to facilitate clean bums.  I should put that on my resume.  Clean Bum Facilitator.  2012-2018.  Also, Hourly Nose Wiper.  2012-???  Some humor required.

In any case it’s almost Christmas!  My favorite time of year!  I am sitting here clacking away at the keyboard under the glow of Christmas lights.  They make everything shinier don’t they?  Sometimes I keep them up all year and just start calling them ‘party lights’.  

The lights are about the only Christmas-y thing I’ve done this year.  I just got my cards sealed.  Not mailed, mind you.  But sealed.  And waiting for their stamps.  

The tree is up and the presents are bought and mostly wrapped.  There have been mentions of Santa to Ellie who is only now beginning to grasp the total-awesomeness that is Christmas.  I’ve been playing Christmas music and watching old Christmas movies.  Poor kid is going to be so stuffed full of Christmas she’s going to burst into tiny candy-canes and glitter.  She’s either going to love it like me or want to throw up at the first mention of Jingle Bells.

Ben is 5 weeks old this Christmas.  Bill and I both bought those little hand imprint things you can hang on the tree.  Five years of marriage and we’re still working on…talking to each other.  I’m not a psychic but I suspect even in another 25 we’ll still be working on that.

Anyhoo so Ben is 5 weeks old this Christmas.  Needless to say I didn’t break the bank getting presents for him.  I mean, I didn’t ask Santa for too much on his behalf this year, seeing as he’s still working on figuring out those weird arm things and how they move.

Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas?  Having young kids at Christmas time makes it that much more fun.  Now if only I can figure out how to make it snow here in Texas I’ll be all set.  I can’t wait until Ellie is old enough to rush into the room on Christmas morning and wake me up at 5am to go open presents and then whine for two hours until the rest of the house is up.  I’m looking forward to my payback…although as I got older it was always mom and I up early waiting for dad and Tony to finally drag their butts out of bed.  (How can you SLEEP on Christmas MORNING!?)

I fully intend on never growing out of that phase.  If I do, put a stake in my cold, cold heart because it’s too late for me already.  Not that it’s too late for dad and Tony.  Well, maybe not for dad.

ANYHOO.  Merry Christmas everyone!  Forget the to-do and the have-to, and if you have snow where you are, do me a favor and cuddle up in a chair by the window with a steaming up of hot chocolate and enjoy the view for me.  In the meantime – from my family to yours I send much love and wish you all light and joy and lots and lots of Christmas cookies.  If you can’t find love or light or joy, try eating some snowman cookies until you start hallucinating.  Either way, I hope you have fun this week!

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