Mom’s – We Take Care of Stuff and #ImwithTur

Well, it’s official.  My belly is now too big for me to sit on the couch with my laptop and write.  It’s also too big for me to push in my chair at the kitchen table to get to the appropriate ‘safe food’ zone.  You know, close enough so when something drops from the fork the plate catches it?  Now, my belly catches it.  Or rather, it bounces off my belly like a hitting a bowl full of jello and then bounces somewhere under the table.  
I digress.
Election will be over next week!  Get out there and vote people – it’s looking like a close one.  Whoever you are voting for, every vote counts.  
For the record, I have to say…I don’t want a thin-skinned-woman-assulting-bully in the white house.  I want a woman, darn it!  I want a mom!  Dad’s you’ve had a good go, like 250 years or so and you’ve done alright but let’s let a mom in there.  Mom’s, we take care of stuff.  That should have been her tag line.  

And not for nothing but #ImwithTur,  Katy Tur.  She’s a female reporter Trump has been taunting in his speeches and Wednesday in Florida he called her out by name at a rally.  I can’t imagine with the language he uses against the press to BE THERE, as a press member, and be called out by name in front of all those people who totally believe you are the enemy.  She’s courageous and I, for one, am with her.  Keep reporting Katy – even if the Trumpster thinks he needs to threaten you.
I digress.

So far this week I almost ran over a scared goat (yep a goat), got scared myself in a Target by a crazy lady telling me not to tell people when I’m due because they might kidnap me and take my baby (Can’t make this up people).  Got locked out of my truck and miraculously it unlocked moments later on it’s own.  (Delayed remote unlock working or guardian angel?  Since the remote didn’t work again after that I’m leaning toward angel…)

Also, I just had a momentous self realization.  The last few weeks of pregnancy is NO FUN AT ALL.
I’m like a cranky walrus waddling around complaining about swollen feet and no sleep and random aches and pains and heartburn and I’m just grateful I can still poop regularly.  

Bill’s taken over bath time for Ellie because…I literally can’t get to her little toes over the lip of the tub.

I’ve finally stopped picking Ellie up and she is not pleased about the change.  Unfortunately it will be another 6 weeks after the birth of the baby before I can pick her up again.  I’m not loving the change either.  She’s my baby!  
We’re both going to have to adjust to having a new little life in the family but thankfully momsie is coming to help out.  Who takes care of things better than mom’s?  No one!  

Thanks in advance mom – what would we do without you?  (Oh dad I love you too you know!  Ellie and I are looking forward to seeing Papa after Christmas)
 Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.   Linda Wooten

We’ve come a long way mom – it’s nice to be ‘mom’d’ back to health from a happy surgery.

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