Separation Anxiety. (Mine…)

BIG NEWS!  I found All DRESSED CHIPS at Kroger Wednesday.  It even has a big blurb on the front about how it’s Canada’s leading chip flavor and what ‘All Dressed’ means for the Americans.  What a hoot!  A HOOT I say. Ellie’s new car seat came from Amazon yesterday.  My baby is graduating to theContinue reading “Separation Anxiety. (Mine…)”

Does Anyone Else Fight Over This?

The fight ends.  I’ve been fighting on two fronts these past few weeks.  Front # 1: After fighting with the doctor and talking it over with ANYONE who would listen, I’ve finally come to the realization I can’t avoid having a C section this time around either.  Unless I want to fly to Canada andContinue reading “Does Anyone Else Fight Over This?”

The Germs are Out to Get me and Other Concerns

I’m pretty sure I found some fox scat around the patio yesterday while I was sweeping.  Then moping with undiluted Lysol…not that I’m a fox scat expert but…google Image search is pretty amazing.  Plus I’ve seen one around.  I used to think they were cute.  What the heck was it doing ON MY PATIO though?Continue reading “The Germs are Out to Get me and Other Concerns”