Mysterious Plants, Humongous Bugs, Delivering Babies

I arrived home this week to find the house in impeccable order.  No dust bunnies in this house – they’d be too afraid to come HERE.  The floors were shiny the surfaces completely dust free.  Every toy in it’s place.  Every pillow and blanket where it should be.  At least, until Ellie and I got home.  Tornado’s have nothing on a two year old, a dog, and a, well, a me.
My garden, on the other hand, has turned into a small tropical jungle complete with HUGE bugs that don’t just bite they’re big enough to carry off an arm or a leg.  The weeds are doing marvelously, the plants I actually planted however, are yellow and spindly with neglect.  I have been gone a month.  
I braved the bugs yesterday for a few minutes but pulling weeds, dumping standing water, and dancing around like a maniac trying to swat all the mosquitoes at the same time in a dress and flip flops did not go well.  I’ll try again tomorrow, with proper gear.  Like a shark cage and head to toe impenetrable wet suit with about a gallon of bug spray.
My mysterious plant is growing quite well.  That’s the one in the picture up there.  I still have no idea what it is but it looks pretty.  I will probably regret my decision to put a random seedling I found in the woods in my vegetable garden but I was curious…what can I say?  
It was a tiny green shoot in what had been a thick root that someone had pulled or maybe an animal had dug up.  It isn’t a tree, by now I know what all those seedlings look like.  If any amateur gardeners are out there I’d love to know what it is.  It looks almost like a strawberry plant might.  It has small white flowers.  The leaves are getting eaten by some bug (flea beetles?) but other than that it looks good.  It’s probably a weed but I don’t see anything else in the backyard that looks like it.
Whatever is eating that is also eating my tomato and broccoli leaves.  I’m going to try Neem oil – I’m trying to stay away from pesticides. 
Lastly, I’ve been protecting myself against the Zika virus, putting on bug spray, covering up and you know what?  I went to home depot today with Bill and got a big bite on my leg.  From the truck to the store…what’s a girl to do?  Did you know bugs outnumber us 200 million to one?  Hopefully they don’t ever get organized.
That’s all the new news around here – weeds and bugs are taking over my favorite plants and Ellie is growing like a weed.  My little baby-in-training is growing along as scheduled, with the doctor being pleased at ‘all the room’ it has.  (I get it, I’m big…)  
I was hoping to try a natural birth after the emergency C section I had with Ellie but the Dr shut me down quickly.  He said there was only one doctor who would do it in Texas and I was free to contact her (although I would probably die) was basically what he said.  I’m not sure how much of that is fear and how much is experience but since I forgot to get that medical degree in the last 8 years I figure I don’t have much of a choice.
ANYWAY!  That really is all the new news around here in Texas, except hopefully all the flooding is done now that I’m back.  Below is my new favorite quote of the week:
“Each morning we are born again.  It is what we do today that matters.”  (Buddah)

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