Winning the Nobel Peace Prize and other Silly Dreams

There’s a $10,000 poetry prize with Rattle magazine, deadline July 15th.  
I’ve borrowed a bunch of poetry books and I’m figuring I’ll just read ‘the best’ for awhile, then write my own.  Easy ten grand right?  
As the books gather dust on my nightstand, guess what I’ve discovered is more fun than researching and writing my own poem?  Imagining what I’d do with the ten grand I’d win!  
Wheeeee!  I’ve already clarified with Bill that when I go back to work it’s ‘our’ money but if I win money in writing prizes, that’s ALL MINE.  
It’s good to set clear intentions.  That way everyone is unsurprised when the truckload of special Swiss chocolate gets delivered in a dump trunk to my front door – I’ve got the bill for that and there’s no complaints.
What would YOU do with ten grand?  
I have so many plans for the house I’m waiting on.  A HUGE back porch with a water feature and cozy benches and lots of flowers.  A fancy fire-pit with outdoor kitchen and lounge area.  A greenhouse.  A HOT TUB.  Maybe a trampoline for Ellie, or a fenced play area in the back.
New family room furniture.  New living room furniture.  New kitchen furniture.  New bedroom furniture for Ellie.  A media room upstairs.  A new car for me.  That 1997 Toyota FourRunner is a reliable vehicle but man I’d like an upgrade!  And a 2 week vacation to Costa Rica.  With mom and dad to come with us to babysit for us, hee hee.
I think I need to win that poetry prize for the next five years…
It’s good to make plans.  It’s good to dream.  It’s good to imagine a cozier home, a nice vacation, a more comfy life.  
It’s also good to DO.  To DO something to get that more comfy life.  Dreaming is no problem for me.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than lazing around with a cup of hot tea and a chocolate cupcake and imagine what I’d do if I had the money.  
The gleam of fantasy is irresistible for me.
Especially since, sooner or later, a fair bit of my ‘dreams’ come true.  Ellie was a fantasy once, a dream I never thought I’d see in ‘real’ life.  So is a vegetable garden.  And a husband who builds me whatever I want.
If you can’t dream it first, how do you know what you really want?  
So.  Dreaming I got down.  Me and day dreaming, we are OLD friends.  But.  Every now and again you need to put the wheels down and steer yourself toward what you want.  I want to win that poetry prize.
Here for your amusement is my very first attempt:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
This is really hard
What am I going to do
Some guy named Ned
because it rhymes with red
This poem is poo
or more like lard
because it’s icky and rhymes with hard
this sounded better in my head
roses are red
violets are…actually purple
my poetry prize dream is dead
i’m going to eat some maple syruple.

NOTHING rhymes with purple.
This poem is really horriurple.
I’m just going to end it
so much for Angela’s prize winning lit.
TA DA…..!
Mental note, new dream could include buying lotto ticket, or more practically, winning the Nobel Peace Prize for my work in backyard tadpole conservation.  Wish me luck!!

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