Stupid Cardinals. Evil snails. Leaping Spiders. Lemon Tarts from Heaven. Trump hates Oreo.

Instead of writing my blog I watched the Saints game tonight.  Stupid Cardinals.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Now I’m going to bed late.  Past 9:00pm!!

Earlier in the day I pruned the sago palms we planted last week.  Bill hung up some mirrors I’ve been harassing him to hang up for weeks.  (I don’t hang heavy, breakable things.  That’s just common sense.  And lots of past experience….)
I settled a comfy chair in the sunniest corner of the living room.  We set up a hummingbird feeder and a regular bird feeder.  Bill got me some top soil and azalea’s to plant when Ellie is napping this week.  He picked up a new work-bench from the Houston Kijiji, ‘Woodlands online’ and gave me the newer one he had in the garage.  I’m going to use it as a gardening table.  A gardening table!  How fru-fru!  There’s a snail on the wall next to my table.  He’s cute.  He seems to be saying…’ho ho ho, I’m cute now…wait until I’m eating your SEEEDlings, ha ha ha ha ha.’  (Tiny, evil laughter here.)  I’m just starting and I already have a gardening nemesis.  FUN!
I bought some sample paints for the living room so I’m going to use those to paint the table.  The fru-fru table.  SO FUN.  I need an outdoor play area for Ellie.  Or she needs to start reading really soon, so she can sit in the stroller and read while I paint/garden/watch birds.  Ah we can watch the birds together but I probably shouldn’t give her a paint brush or a trowel.  Well, maybe a trowel.  SO EXCITING.  Not giving her a trowel, I mean, getting to dig around in the dirt out there. 
There was a cockroach in my bedroom last night.  Then it skittered into Ellie’s room!!  I don’t like to kill things but that sucker was as good as dead the second it’s tiny, impossibly quick little feet brought it into her room while she slept.  That bug is no longer with us.  Eulogy at 5pm.  I captured a small spider this morning and put him outside.  I opened the cup TOWARD me instead of away from me.  Rookie move. 
He leapt out of there like it was on fire and straight at me.  I screamed LIKE A GIRL and fell on my butt.  I scrambled back up, dignity totally lost.  Spider happily scurrying away.  I swear that tiny spider freaked me out more than the cockroach.  Then he LAUGHED at me.  A lot like the snail laugh.  I may have two nemesis.  Nemesises?  
There’s something primal and totally irrational about my fear of spiders.  It’s a dark fear I can’t shake, stuck to me as surely as my shadow to my feet.  Stupid fear.
Know what ISN’T scary?  French food cooked FROM SCRATCH by someone FROM FRANCE.  So cool.  A couple Bill knows from work with a 9 month old baby girl.  I loved practicing my French with them.  Did you know Ange is Angel in French?  I forgot that.  She asked me what people usually call me.  Ange.  Angel!  She said, delighted.  Well, jury’s out on that one. 
Saturday night we had an appetizer of shrimp and mushroom and avocado, followed by an entrée of pasta and chicken, followed by fruit and cheese and then…homemade lemon tart WITH HOMEMADE CRUST!  I don’t even LIKE lemon tart but I ate that sucker up like it was a Reeces Pieces on top of chocolate chip-fudge-Oreo ice-cream.  (Not a real ice cream flavor by the way.  But it SHOULD be…)  All rights reserved.  Royalties go to me. 
Also, I’m with Trump – no more Oreo’s – they moved their factory from the US to Mexico.  Ah, actually, ExxonMobil is moving part of its facilities to India.  Hmmmmm.. . But then again if they hadn’t moved part of the business to Canada from Houston 10 or so years ago, I would never have met Bill.  Or had Ellie or wrote this blog or lived in Texas.  But mostly, no Bill, no Ellie.  I can’t imagine my life without them.  I may want to chuck Bill out a window from time to time but…I love the lad.  He’s a good lad.  And all our windows are on the main floor so…
Also, that is the ONLY thing I agree with Trump on by the way…don’t want anyone getting any crazy ideas about me.  That man be CRAAAAZY.
Very lastly, I just read a short story by Dean Koontz.  Last Light.  It was pretty good.  Awesome dogs, crazy bad guys, special powers, surfing…what’s not to love!?  And short, so I could read it during nap time.  Ellie’s nap time, not mine, obviously…
And that is all that’s new with me. 
To sum: 
Stupid Cardinals.  Evil snails.  Leaping Spiders.   Angel’s Among us.  Lemon Tarts from Heaven.  Trump hates Oreo.  No Canada, no Bill, no Ellie.  Short Stories are Best.

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