happiness is

What is happiness?  The pure pleasure of a cool swim on a hot day.  There’s something I’ve always loved about the water.   I love just playing, there’s no other word to describe it.  Dancing in the deep end, flipping somersaults underwater and being exuberant because I CAN.  I’m so clumsy, always tripping over my own feet but in the water I’m a DANCER, I’m graceful and lithe and I love it.  
It’s the same with Yoga.  Instead of feeling like a size twelve in a size seven world I feel balanced, poised.  Happiness for me is a long slow exhale while I find my space in a pose.  Happiness is listening to jazz while I fed Ellie, the sun setting in the backyard, spilling honey-sunshine over the trees.  A deer looks up from grazing, his velvet horns caught in the dying light.  They glow like there’s magic on them and I gaze back in wonder.  I’ve got no joke for this, this sudden connection with nature I’ve gained.  I’m in awe, and I love it.  
Happiness is also a hot bath with suds to my eyebrows and a cold glass of wine.  It’s cuddles with Ellie after a good nap.  It’s running to HEB by myself and blasting the music so loud I can’t hear myself singing along with it.  Cooking with Bill, chopping vegetables side by side while Ellie plays.  Reading a good book.  Sipping a hot mug of green tea.  A juicy peach.

I have a long list of what makes me happy and you know what?  I’m constantly on the look-out for things that will make me even happier.  There are dips in life and dark places.  I will soak and store up the sun while I am sitting in it.  And if life never veers me into the cold shadows again well, I’ll be grateful and surprised.  And if not, I will have lots of sun-pictures in my head to keep me warm.  Namaste y’all.

One thought on “happiness is

  1. Sounds like you're becoming contented in that place where everything is new. I'm glad – for you and for Bill!Miss you more that I know we can't jump in the car and be there in 2 days.


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