There’s Magic in Music, or, Old Lives Matter

A darkened nursing home.  Elderly citizens sitting motionless in their wheelchairs.  Parked like forgotten shopping carts.  Hanging still like waiting fish.  The TV is off.  It doesn’t matter they’re facing a blank wall anyway.  Mom, Ellie and I walk into the room, my grandmother trailing behind with her walker.  Stubbornly refusing her wheelchair as always. Continue reading “There’s Magic in Music, or, Old Lives Matter”

The life of a Star-Ship Counsellor-Cop

I woke up Wednesday morning quietly, laying in a pool of gradually brightening morning light.  I can’t tell you how good that felt.  It was as close to joy as I’ve felt in awhile.  I suppose, with a baby, the joy is there but so is the busy-work, the action, the need to clean, care,Continue reading “The life of a Star-Ship Counsellor-Cop”