A little Birdie Told Me So

I’m eating a box of Kraft Dinner at 10am all by myself.  
I’m watching Madame Secretary as I do this, Ellie is blissfully asleep upstairs.  I should feel guilty about this, it probably sounds sad on paper but really, this is as close to heaven as I get on a day to day basis.  Ok so I just checked and yep, that might be the saddest statement on the planet.  Is it wrong I’m just having a great time here?  I have a new book to read, (although I’m not reading it) and most important, a few moments of just-me time.  Cheesy, processed goodness, a new episode of my new favorite show.  The sun is shining and eventually I will get us dressed and out into the sunshine to enjoy the day but for right now….cheesy goodness and TV debauchery.  Ahhh, this is the life.
It’s been five minutes and the orange goo they said was cheese is solidifying in the bowl.  It’s going to be heck to scrape off if I don’t soak it and just what is it doing to my insides!?
It’s best not to think of such things.  It’s best to just stop and enjoy the debauchery now and then.  A little birdie told me so.  It’s true.  Well, he didn’t TELL me so much as he SHOWED me.
Yesterday as I was driving home I was turning left at a green light when two birds swooped down and were either wrestling or…or…they were making sweet, sweet love right in front of my turning truck.  Very surprised, I did what any normal person would do.  I slammed on the brakes and gaped open mouthed.  Fleetingly I thought this would be a ridiculous way to die – stopped at a green light to let two birds….finish.   
As I looked up there was an older lady in the car stopped at her side of the street at the red light.  I looked from the birds to her and shrugged as she laughed, then continued on my way as the birds flew happily (one might say satisfied) away.  All of this took place in a manner of seconds.  
All that to say, life is completely absurd.  And if you don’t stop to think about life and timing and the universe and fate after a little love literally swooped down in the middle of your path, you’re already zombie-bait go give your brain to someone who will use it. 
So.  Today I left the dishes in the sink, the dust on the chairs, the dog fur on the floor, the baby asleep upstairs, and I had Kraft Dinner at 10am while watching a TV show I like.  Life is too short not to do what you want, when you want, at least some of the time.  Just, try not to do it at a green light with oncoming traffic.  A little birdie told me so.

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