Seriously, Sexy Mr Spock

Mr. Spock was sexy.  I was a ‘Next Generation’ girl myself and although I remember the old (ORIGINAL, sorry!) Star Trek it was the one with Patrick Stewart I really enjoyed.  (The line is drawn here!)  If you don’t recognize that, stop reading right now this will only bore you.  
Now I don’t like labels, but we were a ‘trekkie’ family for certain.  We watched the original Star Trek as well as the Next Generation, Voyager to Deep Space Nine to Enterprise.  If it had Star Trek in the title, we watched it.  You would think watching TV is a terrible family activity right along the lines of Family Hunting Trip, Family Bear Watching or Family Night In Las Vegas.  But you’d be wrong.  Some of my fondest memories are of cuddling up on the couch with my family, a bowl of chips in one hand and a cold glass of pop in the other.  Back then people (myself included) weren’t so concerned with exercise, or health, or really much of anything.  Ah the good ole’ days of optional buckling, watching thunder storms in the driveway while eating home-made deep-fried chips and wandering for hours un-supervised through the neighborhood.  If I tried that now with Ellie I’d be arrested.  Well, as I should be she may find it hard to run free when she can’t crawl yet.  Still.  And back to my point…the sexy Mr. Spock.
I fondly remember my girl-hood crush on Mr. Spock..  At least, I liked him better than that loosey goosey captain Kirk, kissing any ole’ green girl who batted her eyes at him.  Now Spock, HE was a gentleman and a scholar.  That brain, those ears!  Yes I WOULD like to visit Vulcan sometime thank you Mr Spock.  Every seven years?  I’m there.
I may have to credit my life-long attraction to the smartest (cutest) geek in the room to those original Star Trek’s.  It’s true.  It may have altered the course of my very life.  So, thank you Leonard Nimoy, for giving joy to millions through your acting, and to saving ME from a lifetime of disappointing dates with dumb jocks.  (Check, please!)

Seriously, thank you Leonard for playing the role of a lifetime so well, and for so long.  I’m sorry your time here on earth wasn’t longer, but it did seem prosperous.  Rest in peace.

3 thoughts on “Seriously, Sexy Mr Spock

  1. One of my favorite older memories was watching the original series with my sister. Now a newer favorite memory is spending Mother's Day at the theater watching the movies with my son.


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