Rejuvenate.  That is the word of the week for me.  Between building a home thousands of miles away in Houston and getting this one ready to sell in the spring, things have been ramping up.  Throw into the mix a nine month old teething, an elderly parent also getting ready for the move, and you’ve got some stressful days ahead.
The important thing to remember at least for me is that: 
1)This is temporary.  It won’t be this crazy for long.  
2) How does a mouse eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  
3) To try to find time EVERY DAY to do something that makes me feel happy, even if that one small thing is going to sleep early.  (Cut to me, falling in an exhausted heap on the bed.  Sometimes I even make it IN the bed.)  Sometimes it means splurging on a new purse, or a chocolate treat that I normally wouldn’t allow myself.  (Ah, who are we kidding, I ALWAYS allow myself a chocolate treat.)  Sniff.  There’s always SOMETHING going on that requires some sugar fortitude after all this is LIFE.  
Rejuvenate.  Taking the time to replenish the supply of patience, good humor, love and sacrifice that motherhood (heck life itself) requires.  A hot bath.  A long, lazy shower where you risk mold invasion of the highest order.  A nap in the afternoon.  A manicure, a massage, a brand new book by your favorite author.  (And someone to watch the kids while you read it!).  For me, it’s all those things and yoga, of course.  In the past my snobby yoga self has snubbed the TV yoga shows but now that I’ve got a baby in the house I’ve embraced it.  I’ve managed some TV yoga every other night all week (thank you Wai Lana!) and it has made a huge difference for me.  It’s like a massage for your inside muscles.  
Writing this blog right here, right now makes me feel like my parched spirit is being doused in a deluge of cool, fresh water.  Ellie’s fussing but she’s with her dad and she will be fine for a few more minutes while I allow the joy in my life to reach through the numbing monotony of daily chores and responsibilities and quench my thirsty soul.  Ahhh, refreshing.
Rejuvenate.  Reminding oneself that life is actually, really and truly AMAZING.  It’s magical and mysterious and full of wonder and joy and surprises and adventures.  We live on the ground but our spirits, our souls live in the sky, in the hot sun and the cool wind, in the net of stars in the forever black sky.  It lives at the horizon and it doesn’t look down it only looks up and away into an eternity of new skies and different stars.  Sometimes we need to visit that creative space within ourselves even if we don’t consider ourselves ‘creative-people’.  Being creative isn’t pre-destined like eye color and height, its a muscle we use just like our intellect.  It’s like a work out for your heart.  Work it people!  Rejuvenate!
And now, instead of taking my own advice I’m going to get a hard apple cider and watch Super Bowl 49 with my hubby.  I’ll rejuvenate tomorrow.  Go Sea Hawks! 

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