Friendly Bubonic Plague, Messy Breakfasts, The Sunshine of Ellie-Belle

Having mom and dad here for Christmas has been AWESOME.   Someone to talk to in the morning who isn’t in a bad mood when they wake up?  SUBLIME.   I wake up wishing Ellie would sleep in a little longer but otherwise excited to get the day started.  I don’t know why.  Each day is moreContinue reading “Friendly Bubonic Plague, Messy Breakfasts, The Sunshine of Ellie-Belle”

Taking a Look at Ange’s Sparkly Bits

Christmas is nothing if not a big ball ‘o sparkly, shiny, sappy awesomeness.  Unless you’re completely alone this time of year in which case…it’s more like a small nugget of potential sparkly, shiny, sappy awesomeness.  Which may be the best kind of sparkliness there is, let’s be honest. I do tend to get my hopesContinue reading “Taking a Look at Ange’s Sparkly Bits”

Mack Trucks, Toilet Cycling, Good Things

I’m late with my entry today.  I wasn’t hit by a Mack truck Saturday night but it sure felt like it.  You see, my sweet Ellie-belle had the flu Thursday.  She was better so quick, eating normally by supper-time Thursday that I doubted it was the flu at all but maybe her canines coming in.Continue reading “Mack Trucks, Toilet Cycling, Good Things”

Socrates is Kind of a Jerk and Congress is full of Zombies

Socrates said:  My advice to you is to get married: if you find a good wife you’ll be happy; if not, you’ll become a philosopher.   Ouch.  One of history’s first really good burns.  Because he WAS married.  Her name was Xanthippe and she was quite a bit younger than our Philosopher King.   WeContinue reading “Socrates is Kind of a Jerk and Congress is full of Zombies”

Seth Seems to Say don’t Stay in your Stagnant Size Small Sac

Seth MacFarlane IS the next Frank Sinatra.  I’m listening to his new album, No One Ever Tells You and let me tell YOU, old blue eyes is in for some competition.  Yeah.  I just said that. And yes, the guy behind ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Ted’.  I KNOW, I know.  His humor may be lewd and crude butContinue reading “Seth Seems to Say don’t Stay in your Stagnant Size Small Sac”

Sunshine Farms, a bright spot in organic, sustainable gardening in Texas.

Did you know donkeys can keep deer away?   It’s true.  We just visited Sunshine Farms out on Jackson Road in Montgomery and let me tell you that was a very interesting place.  It’s run by a sweet older couple, Jim and Lisa Jenkins. It was what I THINK I want for our family, atContinue reading “Sunshine Farms, a bright spot in organic, sustainable gardening in Texas.”


Ever feel like your life is a roller coaster ride and you’re suspended at the top right before the big plunge?  You have time to take a deep breath, wonder why you’ve agreed to come on this ride in the first place and then your butt drops but your heart stays in your throat?  It’sContinue reading “TWITCHY TOUCHES HER TOES or Mom of the Here”

Dobs of Poo. Or, VOTE ELLIE 2045!!!

She’s crying again, tomp tomp tomp tomp tomp go her tiny feet, her fine black hair standing up in the breeze she’s creating as she’s running.  I kneel down and open my arms.  She runs into them with her own tiny arms open wide.  She snuggles down into the crook of my neck.  I pickContinue reading “Dobs of Poo. Or, VOTE ELLIE 2045!!!”

Happy Almost Halloween and Long Live Meatless Monday!

First, HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!  My second most favorite holiday.  I’m getting dressed up as a ‘good witch’ but minus the princess garb a la ‘The Wizard of Oz’.  Why does the good witch have to look like a lost princess and the bad witch get the cool gear?  I intend to make THIS good witch look kick-ass (sorryContinue reading “Happy Almost Halloween and Long Live Meatless Monday!”