Mostly Muddling Mommie Part Deux

I have no idea what I’m doing.  Really.  No clue.  I can’t believe they just let us walk out of the hospital with this delicate, LIVING HUMAN BEING.  What is wrong with those people!?  I’m still breastfeeding at almost eight months.  People think I’m doing it for her future health (well yes) and to keep the weight off (well that is helping) but mostly, its because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING!  I’m terrified of having to figure out for myself what and how much to feed her!  At least when she’s nursing I know my body is taking care of things and it’s hard to muck that up as long as I stay away from wine and caffeine.  Small price to pay for peace of mind.

For example, she is now starting on solid foods.  I’ve been feeding her a little oatmeal cereal in the morning (rice cereal made her constipated for days no matter how little I mixed into her milk), then some mushed fruit after lunch and some pureed veggies after her ‘supper’ nursing session.  Sounds good right?  Well just for fun I was re-reading the oatmeal label, which said ‘for infants under one mix with breastmilk or formula’  Ack!  How could I have missed that?  I’ve been mixing it with WATER, doing God knows what to her digestive system.  Her future math scores!  Why did they let me take her home!?  So I immediately mixed the oatmeal with formula. (I don’t have any pumped handy, I know, I know, I should have five quarts frozen already!)  Well I don’t.  Because pumping is annoying and time consuming and my boobs have had enough action for one day already without the extra pumping!  I digress. 
She wouldn’t eat the oatmeal with the formula mixed in!  She scrunched up her little nose again and again and barely took the tiniest of nibbles.  Ach.  I will try again tomorrow, a little formula (or if I manage to pump some milk) and some water to see if the gradual switch-over works.  
Why do they make babies so complicated!?  I bought BABY Orajel the other day and after having used it (twice) I noticed it said ‘for babies under two years old consult a physician.’  ARGGGG.  There’s a tiny baby on the packaging!  What is wrong with you people.  So, feeling like I was being an overreactive mom I called the physician for ‘permission’ to use it.  They denied me such permission.  A choking hazard they said.  Better to give her Tylenol or Advil.  Really?  Better to give her DRUGS?  I have to say I wonder if those people are just covering law-suit type bases and are not really giving me the best advice for my baby.  In any case I have not used the Orajel since, or the drugs because, darn it, I’d like to not give my baby drugs unless she really needs it.  
Does this get any easier?  I have to think if I were back home in Canada this would all be a little less scary.  I feel like I’m muddling through in the dark.  I do have my husbands friends here (who are great by the way) who have had young kids in the not too distant past but they all work/are very busy and I hate to call them up to ask if water vs formula in her morning oatmeal will lower her IQ…and by the way is polyester blankets ok or should I stick to cotton?  Did you know polyester is a derivative of petroleum?  It’s true.  That can’t be good for babies?  

Ellie is calling me now, crying a little, chewing on that worrisome polyester blanket, the watery oatmeal in her tummy, and probably some poo in her diaper that is leaking a little because I still haven’t figured out how to get the diaper on correctly.  Really, they should have a license for this mommie business.  I’d fail it the first time but when I DID pass, I’d know I was certified at least, instead of just feeling certifiable.

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